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The prompt was to create a game based on two randomly assigned verbs - the player must perform those two verbs in a game, and the two verbs must relate to each other in some way.

In Somnambulist, the player is navigating through a dark maze. You must solve and unlock glyphs on the wall in order to either provide yourself the necessary light to stay awake, as well as open doors to progress through the maze.

Brendon LeCount and I collaborated on the high level game design. I was involved in implementing the logic for solving the grid glyph.

Built in Unity, as part of the UC Santa Cruz Games & Playable Media department, April 2019.

Traceur, a parkour card game

Early prototype of a card game based on the sport of parkour. Players regularly draw a set of moves that they can use to surmount obstacle cards played by a rotating Route player.

Estimator app

Rough prototype of an internal project while employed by The Engine is Red. A software application that manages projects divided up into stages, and staffed by specific team members at various levels of commitment (measured in FTEs, or “full time equivalents”)

Bright Funds Foundation Funds

Foundation Funds

Wrote the front-end styles, markdown, and server-side logic based on designs from product designer. This is a project of Bright Funds, and I worked on it as an employee of Bright Funds.